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After School Activity
Co-curricular Activity
Music and Dance
Computer Training
Sports and Games
Judo Karate
Stage Programme
"Motivation against Deviation"

Kids are special. They still stay energetic even after school and need leisure not for rest but to unwind themselves. They want to play. They wish to watch TV or want to play video games. Some kids need some low energy activities and some need high-energy activities. They can be mould towards creative and productive activities. Art and Handicraft are the proper activities they should be kept engaged in. This will probably be a process of ‘arousing feeling of creativity and sharpening the skill within.

"Passionate Involvement"

An extra curricular activity helps children develop their talents, interests and passions. These can also inculcate practical skills like time management, patience and creativity. Our children keep involved in extracurricular of their choices. Extracurricular activities are being sponsored by donors from civil society that is viable options for all round development of the children.

"Thing of beauty is joy for ever"

We require a lot of easy engaging art and crafts for kids. With simple step by step tutorials are provided in holidays. Children are engaged in handicrafts like duck making, Greeting cards, Bracelet, earing, flower, Mukhauta, Beading, Rakhis, Wax candle, artistic design and decoration of diyas. These are not only fun for the kids but a minimal boost to the economy of the shelter home. Visitors appreciate the art and beauty of the products. Yes, you will enjoy quite a few of these too!

"Fearless Emotional expression"

"Food nourishes body and brain, music feeds the soul, Dance regularises altogether body, brain and soul." Dance is an art form that expresses ideas, emotions, spirituality and stories through movement of graceful, rhythmic and coordinated body steps, turns, shakes and movements. The children are given proper training for playing musical instruments and delivering dialogues with expression. Music Studio is equipped with ample dance presentation and act plays. We appreciate and thank for the initiative taken by the corporates.

"Basics of Information Technology-wings to fly"

Computer training is an important factor in 21st century workplaces. Computer training is vital for School going kids.They have to learn basic programming, drawing, designing and other application. our computer Lab is equipped with upgraded verssions of computers. Teachers and Instructors are deployed to train the children. Children can do their home works. They learn Internet surfing, emailing and letter drafting. Computer knowledge is a must for the kids.

"Friendly competition-Team Spirit"

Sports and games are the ways of enhancing children's mental and physical growth. Sport develops a sense of friendliness and team spirit. It helps to develop mental and physical toughness. Sport shapes their body and make strong and active. A game is a recreational activity involving one or more players, defined by a goal that the players try to reach and some set of rules to play it. Teamwork - Often times games/sports are played on teams. Exercises help children developing skill both in outdoor and indoor games.

"Setting up confident mindset in Sports"

'Survival of the fittest.' Physical Strength to utilize the right tactics to defeat opponent. Karate (striking arts) and Judo (grappling arts) are form of martial arts basically for self defense. This involves many things like situational awareness, body language, prevention, safety, strategy etc. Children are being trained regularly. The only motif is to impart sportive manoeuvre to grow a child into a mentaly fit, helpful, tactful, confident, skillful, attentive and a sportive individual.

"Confidence of Stage Presentation"

A confident speaker can adapt delivery style in response to the reactions and reponses of the audience. A speaker lacking confidence will be really rattled down and hooted. A confident speaker is able to deal with the challenges on stage. A basic resource which we offer kids advice and guidance ahead of presenting a solo talk. We have designed for short presentations both in outdoor and indoor stage programme. Children have learnt one-act plays, nukkad natak and short acts depicting bad social condition, custom and tradition.


Annual budget per child

After School Activities

● Toys and Dolls           :  INR 3,357/-
● Quiz Programme       :  INR 3,200/-
● Arts and Drawing       :  INR 2,480/-

Handicraft Annual Budget

● Beadings Curtain       :  INR 480/-
● Bracelet Making         :  INR 120/-
● Diya Decoration         :  INR 200/-
● Mukhauta Making      :  INR 100/-
● Greeting Cards          :  INR 1500/-
● PaperDuck Making    :  INR 4000/-
● PaperFlower Making  :  INR 120/-
● PaperEaring Making  :  INR 200/-
● Wax candle Making   :  INR 120/-
● Rakhi Making             :  INR 240/-
● Tools+consumables   :  INR 155/-

● Budget per child:  INR 7,355/-
(Please sponsor a child or a project)

● Material Budget:   2,20,650/-

Music and Dance

● Instruments Cost         :  INR 4,870/-
● Instructor's Remun.     :  INR 2,000/-

Computer Training

● Computers and acc.   :  INR 15,370/-
● Instructor's Remun.    :  INR 1,500/-


● Dress Material cost    :  INR 1,550/-
● Instructor's Remun.    :  INR 2,000/-

Sports and Games

● Dress Material cost    :  INR 1,680/-
● Instructor's Remun.    :  INR 1,500/-

Stage Programme

● Requirements          :  INR 3,000/-
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