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In our shelter home the kids being taken care of are orphans and street children who are left abandonned so that they could not be involved in rag picking, pick pocketing and criminal activities. We envisage mainstreaming the children by providing care.

Our Mission:

Mainstreaming the orphan providing care, support and protection through shelter, food and education is our mission.

The Project-an overview:

In spite of planned development of land, provisioning of amenities in society or township, urbanisation and industrialisation a section of humanity is neglected for long or insufficiently cared of. In the course of national building it's our small step which is meant for additional support to run an orphanage where every child must be given shelter, food, education, training, vocational skills so that they could be made as good and productive citizens.

Budget  (Consolidated) FY-2019-2020

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