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Children Education

Children Education

Necessity of Education

Purpose of education is acquainting children with the virtues of righteousness. Preparing blooming minds to face competitions and to stand out with brilliance.

To achieve a civilised position in social domain for the orphans is the duty of noble civilians as well as the rule of land. By sincere efforts only the cycle of poverty, scarcity and hopelessness can be broken down and thus true education will enable kids to look forward to bright future with good career.

A question frequently haunts in mind-How an orphan 'who is ignorant of social misconduct, will survive in such a situation of shelterlessness and helplessness? It's a fact that the victim of hunger, thirst, lacking essencial amenities for survival, physically weak and unaware of ill social rudity cannot fight against the misguiding threats of evils and they can forcibly be thrown into a vulnerable condition of abuse.

A framework which safeguards orphans from exploitation is the need of the human world. With the help and positive assurance of the social dignitary and the corporates under CSR partnership Orphanage is committed to provide a healthy home, well equipped with essential amenities for kids.

Provisioning of Education for all round development is a noble job. Although it creates a big chaos in the functioning of an orphanage due to heavy financial loads of various expenses on schooling, training, transportation and tuitioning, the society supports the home.

Requirements Per child

Admission feeOne TimeINR 6,500/-
Tuition feeMonthlyINR 1,500/-
Books+DiaryAnnuallyINR 2,000/-
Note BooksAnnuallyINR 1,200/-
Annual FeeAnnuallyINR 1,400/-
Other Study MtrlAnnuallyINR 860/-
School bagAnnuallyINR 600/-
Other ExpenseAnnuallyINR 1,750/-
Winter DressAnnuallyINR 1,800/-
Summer DressAnnuallyINR 1,600/-
Sports DressAnnuallyINR 1,500/-
Shoes+belt+tieAnnuallyINR 1,500/-

Requirements Per child
Schooling AnnuallyINR 27,000/-
Transportation EAnnuallyINR 7,200/-

Total Requirements Per child
Lumpsum Exps.AnnuallyINR 35,000/-

Expenses Schooling
Education imparts the righteous way of pacing forward alog the path of life...goal ahead... win... win and win!
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