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Educational Trip for kids

Educational and recreational trip support children in many ways. Children learn about the different places, monuments, history and cultures of other localities. It gives naturally better understanding by experiencing the social aspects of livelihood of the people of different cultures. Educational trips play an important role in educating chldren in a practical and interesting manner. Children learn how to travel and assist co-mates in very disciplined way.

Our shelter home stresses on educational trips for the children.
Some of our CSR partners and associates take care of the needs of the children.
The bottom line is that the kids should be attaining frequent opportunities of
recreational visits, picnic and educational and sports trips
to visit museums, zoo and other historical monuments.
It's a fun... they need, and we solicite help for this cause
but without anyone getting overburdened by the responsibility.
During the span of last three years children have visited
many places and have participated in athletic and sports tournaments
on different occasions through out the country.
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"One day, I stumbled onto a website that had pictures of children. I saw a little girl with down syndrome and pony tails. She was holding a doll. Her expression was hauntingly empty. She suddenly became so real to me that I hurt for her. I wanted her to have a family, but what could I really do about it? The first thought is to adopt her and those like her, but that's not feasible for everyone. And, while adoption is the obvious answer, it's not the only answer. If we cannot adopt, we can still love an orphan and make a difference in his or her life. I thought how could get involved in. Adopted a girl child virtually and contributed regularly on monthly basis for schooling and other needs...I'm delighted and feel cool now fully satisfied."

Our Gratitude!

We are grateful for everything contributed regularly or occasionally for all round development of the kids residing at our Shelter Home - Mala Smriti Home!

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